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February 5, 2017  –  Isaiah 58:1-12  Matthew :13-20   “Peer Pressure”
Studies show that peer pressure from those who are only slightly superior can be a good thing.  But if the pressure is coming from those way out in front, that’s not so good.  People around us can inspire us to do the right thing.  Or they can cause us to quit.  The Pharisees were peer-less, come see what Matthew has to teach us about all this. Pastor Emeritus Chris Drew will be our guest preacher.

February 12, 2017  –  Matthew 5:1-12   “Same Reading, Different Message”
No, it isn’t your imagination!  We heard this scripture passage just a few weeks ago.  It may be the same passage, but there’s a slightly different message in the second part of it.  It is written for those who are often labeled as idealistic: those who seek what is right; those who show mercy toward others; and those who have a pure heart.  Society may tell us that reality and idealism don’t mix well, but Jesus has a different message.

February 19, 2017  –  Matthew 5:38-44   “Do the Unexpected”
Have you ever noticed how surprised people are when you don’t act the way they expect that you will in a certain situation?  When things go wrong, people expect negative reactions from others.  When things are strained, others expect you to adopt a defensive posture.  Jesus challenges us to set aside our intuitive human reactions and the reactions that society expects from us.  God sent Christ into the world to change it: not through physical force or with mighty armies, but instead be acting in a manner that stops people dead in their tracks and causes them to change their behavior.

February 26, 2017  –  Matthew 17:1-9   “Why Does It Take a Mystical Event?”
More often than not, it takes a big splash to get people’s attention.  It was no different back in Biblical times.  So it is a valid question to ask whether as many people would have followed Jesus had he not changed water into wine, had he not brought sight to someone who was blind since birth, and had he not walked on water.  Isn’t God working in our midst when nothing unusual is happening?


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