December 1        Isaiah 40:1-11            Luke 1:5-25  “Prophets Declare: Prepare!”

Advent is a time of preparation, for the coming Messiah.  We make many preparations for our Christmas festivities that we have little time to prepare our hearts to receive the Savior King.  The Prophets call is for us to prepare!

 December 8        Luke 2:1-7                  Micah 5:1-5 “The Miracle in the House of Bread”           

Miracles by definition are unexpected and amazing.  They often happen in places where they are not expected.  That is where the little town of Bethlehem comes in.   Miracles can happen still in small towns like our own.

 December 15      Luke 2:8-2                  Isaiah 40:21¬-31 “The Only Ones to See” 

The amazing element about both the first Christmas and the first Easter is the few people who actually see what is going on.  May this Christmas be one where you are one of the few that see.

 December 22      Luke 2:9-14            Luke 1:11-20 & 26-38 “Heavenly Chorus Sang!”

There is nothing like a good concert.  But how much better would be one by the heavenly chorus of Angels!  Angels we have heard on high, have a big role in the story.  Listen you may hear them too.

 December 24      Galatians 4:4-5          John 1:41; Luke 2:1-20 “In The Fullness of Time, Messiah Comes”

We come to the manger and see the new born king.  May we prepare our hearts to have him born again in us.