February 4, 2018            Mark 1:29-39          “Getting Out There”
Jesus conducted his earthly ministry in an interesting way.  Immediately after he began his work, word of his miracles spread quickly.  People would have traveled great distances to seek him out.  But much like a doctor from decades ago, Jesus made house calls.  He didn’t, for the sake of time efficiency or because of the expense, expect people to come to him.  He reached out to them by going to where they were, rather than expecting them to come to him.

February 11, 2018           Mark 9:2-9             “Why Do We Always Need To Say Something?!?”
Have you ever regretted something you said? Peter probably felt that way after the comment he made to Jesus, Moses and Elijah during the Transfiguration. When faced with an unexplainable or scary situation, we oftentimes find ourselves making a very irrelevant comment.  But Jesus didn’t focus on Peter’s comments.  He accepts our humanity, and just continues to use our efforts for the Kingdom of God.

February 18, 2018           Mark 1:9-15           “Temptations Are Always There”
After his baptism, Jesus was led into the wilderness and tempted by the devil for forty days.  The fact that the Son of God would have to face temptations prior to beginning his earthly ministries is a reminder to us that we, too, will face challenges many times in our lives.  Therefore, we should not despair when things get difficult, but rather keep the faith and learn from those experiences.

February 25, 2018            Mark 8:31-38        “God’s Way Is Different From Earthly Ways”
On this, the second Sunday in Lent, we are reminded that the human definition of success is not the same as God’s definition of success.  Peter challenged Jesus’ explanation of future events.  Being a member of Jesus’ team, Peter expected that God would enable them to be victorious from an earthly perspective.  Jesus reminds us to be careful about measuring the success of our ministries in human terms.