During the summer we will continue in our study of the Gospel of Mark
Sunday July 5, 2020
Is it better to do good or evil on the Sabbath?
Sermon:“Lord of the Sabbath Part 2”
Gospel: Mark 3:1-6

Sunday July 12, 2020
As the crowds swell Jesus calls the Apostles
Sermon:“The Crowds and the Call”
Gospel: Mark 3:7-19

Sunday July 19, 2020

Sunday July 26, 2020
Who is in Jesus Family?
Sermon:“Jesus and Family Matters”
Gospel: Mark 3:20-21; 31-35

Sunday August 2, 2020
Is Jesus working with the Devil?
Sermon:“Jesus and the Devil”
Gospel: Mark 3: 22-30

Sunday August 9, 2020
Planting Gospel Seeds
Sermon:“Parable of the Zealous Farmer”
Gospel: Mark 4:1-9; 13-20

Sunday August 16, 2020
The Reason for teaching in Parables
Sermon:“Parables and Enlightenment”
Gospel: Mark 4:10-12; 21-25

Sunday August 23, 2020
What the Kingdom of God is like.
Sermon:“Parable of the Growing Seed”
Gospel: Mark 4: 26-29

Sunday August 30, 2020
The Kingdom of God is growing.
Sermon:“Parable of the Mustard Seed”
Gospel: Mark 4: 30-34